About the See Through Canoe Company

See Through Canoe began in Colorado in 2007 as a dealer for Clear Blue Hawaii, the first company to market a transparent kayak/canoe. The company was extremely difficult to deal with and would often take over 6 months to fill orders, although they always said it would only take a few weeks. The company continues to operate today despite their horrible reputation & substandard transparent kayak.

See Through Canoe took a different road & went its own way. We put product quality & customer experience first. The See Through Canoe transparent kayak/canoe hybrid has evolved over 9 years of extreme field testing & consumer feedback. We've thrown bricks at it, ran it into sea walls with a motor on it, & tested it in extreme freezing & tropical environments. We've even left one in the hot tropic sun 24/7 for 3 straight years to ensure it wouldn't get cloudy or yellow from the UV light of the sun.

Innovators not Imitators!
As the popularity of the See Through Canoe grows, more & more companies selling cheap imitations spring up. Although these imitations look very similar, there are some important differences that affect useability and especially lifespan. We build our products to last, and we don't sacrifice quality just to sell a cheaper product.