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        Eleven Mile Reservoir

Pictures and information about Eleven Mile Reservoir


Eleven Mile Reservoir is located 117 miles SSW of Denver.
Map of Eleven Mile Reservoir


   There is a fee of $7 to get into Eleven Mile State Park. It is about 10 minutes SE of Hartsel, Colorado. The park has 2 boat ramps and a marina. It is one of the most scenic reservoirs in Colorado. It has lots of interesting rock outcroppings popping out of the water as well as along the shoreline. It also has about a dozen small to large islands. The water is usually very clear and it is one of the clearest lakes in Colorado. It has some spectacular mountain backdrops and a good degree of wildlife. You will often see antelope on your way to the reservoir.

Eleven Mile is a large lake so even though it gets a good deal of boat traffic on the weekends, there is enough room to not feel crowded. It is one of 3 medium to large sized reservoirs all within 30 miles of each other. It is definately the nicest of the 3.

Warnings, Tips, & Other Details

Eleven Mile is a large body of water and it often gets very windy in the afternoon. Be careful and smart and if you're in a canoe, kayak or small boat under 17 feet and the wind is forecasted to be over 10 mph you should try to be off the lake by 1pm when the winds usually pick up.


Meadow at Eleven Mile Reservoir
Rock formations at the Reservoir
Panoramic Picture of Eleven Mile