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        Upper Tampa Bay Park / Double Branch Bay

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Upper Tampa Bay State Park is in Tampa, FL.
Map showing Double Branch Bay


   The Upper Tampa Bay Park is in upper Tampa Bay. Double Branch bay is a short 1 1/2 miles paddle from the canoe launch at the park. This whole area is best paddled on a high tide since most of it is only a few feet deep. It's more like river paddling than paddling in a bay because of the current when the tide is moving. Most of this area is a sand bottom with plenty of oyster beds. The Upper Tampa Bay Park rents canoes and kayaks for $25 for 4 hours. The park also has one of the nicest kayak launches in all of Tampa Bay. There is also a kayak or canoe wash rack and water hose to rinse off with when your done. There are quite a few mangrove channels, tidal channels, mangrove islands, isolated holes & sand flats to get away from everybody. However, the mouth of Double Branch Bay is a popular fishing spot among the locals.
There is a marked canoe / kayak trail starting at the canoe launch at the park. If it's your first time here, and you don't have a GPS, you would be best off sticking to the trail. The kayak run signs are numbered and easy to spot. There are a lot of shallow oyster bars to navigate so pay attention for ripples on the water indicating shallow spots or you'll end up beaching on one.


Upper Tampa Bay
Upper Tampa Bay State Park & Double Branch Bay Area

Upper Tampa Bay Park Kayak Launch