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        Platte River Between Platteville and Dent, CO.

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This stretch of the Platte River is located 40 miles NE of Denver.
Map showing put in spot for this part of the Platte River


      We were recently told that the put in on this run appears to be private property now. And that the take out is has some barbed wire that makes it "challenging". It's been about 8 years since I've done this run so I can't verify the information.

This is an easy run and can be done by a beginner. I think this is the most scenic stretch of the Platte river between Denver and Greeley. This part of the Platte river is bordered with large sandy banks. The put in and the take out are easy access. There are rarely other canoers or kayakers on this stretch of river. There are 3 different 3 foot drops that you will probably want to portage around. One of these drops is right at the beginning of the trip. It is not easy getting around these drops.

There are quite a few soft shell turtles, a very interesting looking species of turtle in this part of the Platte. You will also frequently see bald eagles here.

Warnings, Tips, & Other Details

This stretch of the Platte is 12.75 miles and will take about 6 hours to paddle at a relaxed pace when the water is flowing at 250 CFS. If you don't have a second vehicle, or you just want more exercise, you can ride a bike down highway 60 to highway 85 to highway 66 to the put in. The bike ride from the Highway 60 take out spot near Dent to the Highway 66 put in in Platteville is an easy 8.3 mile ride that will take an hour at a good pace. The bike ride will be quiet on highway 60 because it doesn't get much traffic but once you get on 85 it will be noisy. There is plenty of space to the "right of the line" so vehicles will not be flying by right next to you. The take out spot is on the left just after the Highway 60 bridge and it's very hard to miss. The CFS must be above 200 to do this run on you will constantly scrape bottom. A CFS of 400-500 is ideal and as long as it's below 700 it's an easy trip. There are 3 different 3 foot drops that you will probably want to portage around. Portage around these drops is not easy.

Real time river gauge for this part of the Platte River

Where to Park

Put In - Take highway 85 to highway 66 in Platteville. Go west on highway 66 for .6 miles. Turn right onto the dirt road and follow it around to the right. The road dead ends close to the river.
TaKe Out - Take highway 85 to highway 60. Go north on highway 60 for 4.7 miles. Parking is possible on the left or the right here. Park on the north side of the bridge.


Platte River in Platteville, Colorado
Platte River in Dent, Colorado