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        Tarryall Reservoir

Information and Pictures of Tarryall Reservoir in Park County, Colorado


Tarryall Reservoir is located in Park County, Colorado and is 86 miles SW of Denver.
Map of Tarryall Reservoir


   Tarryall Reservoir is a small reservoir. There is a boat ramp here but no motor boats are allowed. There are no rental places around. It is located in Park County. The reservoir is very easy access with a number of different places to put a boat in easily. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and the drive there is also scenic from any direction.

Most of the area is high desert terrain and grasslands. It is either a "no wake" reservoir or non-motorized boats only, I'm not sure which. There is a small waterfall where the water exits the reservoir and flows back into Tarryall creek.

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Tarryall Reservoir waterfall

Tarryall Reservoir