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         Clear Canoe / Kayak

See the world below you with remarkable clarity in this 2 person canoe / stand up kayak hybrid. This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs., and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes. And now, we are offering a motor mountmotor mount as an optional accessory.

This clear canoe is beautiful and has a highly functional design. And it's tough. It's made out of the same polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass. The optional seats provide excellent back support and comfort. It comes with a retractable skeg system that improves tracking (keeps the canoe on a straight course instead of wobbling side to side as you paddle) which among other things, makes it easier to paddle long distances.

This canoe isn't meant to paddle in choppy water out in the ocean, nor traveling long distances. It's a great "all purpose" kind of design, however. The simple open design comfortably fits two people plus some gear. Because of its width, it's very stable. I stand up to paddle (and fish) in mine and do not use the optional out-rigger. I also use a motor mount on my canoe. I've used an electric trolling motor on my canoe with the mount but I prefer to use my old 1958 3-horsepower Johnson on it. It does 12 MPH with the 3 HP motor. It's stable enough that I often use the motor while standing. It wasn't made for fishing, but it makes for one of the best fishing kayaks I've used. This clear kayak / canoe hybrid maneuvers really well.

These hybrids are very tough and can handle a lot of abuse. The abuse will show eventually though. I've kept one of my own personal canoes strapped to the roof of my truck almost constantly for at least 7 years now so it's no longer very clear. Scratches that you get on the bottom of the canoe will "fill in" when you put it on the water so they won't affect visibility much. Scratches that you get on the inside of the vessel will affect the visibility so you should take your shoes off when you are in the canoe. If you want your clear canoe to remain clear for a long time here is some good information on how to maintain a Molokini Kayak.

Speaking as a fisherman and a nature lover, one of the most overlooked advantages of these completely transparent canoes is stealth. It's great for flats fishing and I am able to get a lot closer to redfish or snook before they are "spooked". The fact that the canoe itself does not cast a shadow also keeps alot of other marine life from being spooked. It seems that dolphin and manatee are also unusually curious about these canoes.

We are currently sold out of these transparent kayak / canoe hybrids. This is why the "Buy Now" button is disabled. For more information please refer to our homepage. There you can also find out more about our own personal experiences with the Clear Blue Hawaii company and the Molokini kayak.

What's Included
The list below is what is included with the $1,850 price.

  • Retractable skeg
  • 2 UV resistant polyurethane floatation bags


Length - 11' 1''
Width - 33.5''
Depth - 11''
Canoe Weight - 40 lbs.
Weight Capacity - 425 lbs. (2 person)
Hull Material - Lexan (Polycarbonate)

Price: $1,850.00    Shipping: $175 in the U.S.     Total: $2,025.00
* Please Allow 2-4 Weeks Shipping    * 1 Year Limited Warranty