Canoe with motor on it
See it all in a See Through Canoe...

See it all, your way! The See Through Canoe is a clear kayak / canoe hybrid that is even stable enough to stand up & paddle. It's the original (Since 2007) transparent kayak with an optional whisper quiet motor that is controlled by a simple handheld remote control. It comes with puncture proof flotation & has a unique serial number details about the clear kayak from See Through Canoe engraved in the frame. It's made out of the same polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass and weighs only 42 lbs. All components are rust proof, so it can stand up to the saltwater. This clear canoe hybrid also has a layer of U.V. protection, so it doesn't yellow or otherwise get damaged by the sun. Not a cheap "look alike", this is the See Through Canoe.

The See Through Canoe has a retractable skeg system that improves tracking (keeps the canoe on a straight course instead of wobbling side to side as you paddle) which among other things, makes it easier to paddle long distances. It also comes with 2 kayak paddles & 2 adjustable seats that provide back support. At $2,100 (with shipping to most states), it's still less expensive than many other quality kayaks, paddle boards, or almost any wooden canoe or lightweight kevlar canoe.

The See Through Canoe can handle a lot of abuse. Scratches that you get on the bottom of the canoe will "fill in" when you put it on the water so they won't affect visibility much. Scratches that you get on the inside of the vessel will affect the clarity so you should take your shoes off when you are in the canoe. We also include a container of rubbing compound in every order. The compound will enable you to rub out hazy spots & light scratches easily. If you want your See Through Canoe to remain clear for a long time, here is some good information on how to maintain a clear kayak.

Breisja paddling a clear canoe like a stand up paddleboard
Dimensions & Details (2016 Models)
  • Length - 11' 1"
  • Width - 36" wide
  • Depth - 11"
  • Canoe Weight - 42 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity - 450 lbs. (2 person)
  • Hull Material - Lexan (Polycarbonate)

What's Included
  • Retractable skeg
  • floats
  • 2 Double bladed 2 piece kayak paddles
  • 2 Seats
  • Rubbing compound for buffing out light scratches
  • Free Shipping to most states. Delivered within 14 days of your order (not including Hawaii & Alaska)
  • Contact us for a price quote on shipping outside the continental U.S.

Available Options (not included)

* We offer shipping anywhere in the world, but if you are located outside the continental U.S., you will need to contact us for a price quote on shipping before you order.
* Click here if you want one of our transparent canoe/kayak hybrids sent to the Bahama's or Virgin Islands.
Price = $2,100 USD Delivered to your door within 14 days of ordering!
FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.      $200 off for FL residents!