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Manatee under a clear kayak


See Through Canoe Demos


Michael McCarthy is the owner of the See Through Canoe Company. He is well known for his wildlife videos, which often include his See Through Canoe. His videos are regularly featured on all of the major national news networks and many of the international news networks as well. Some of his videos have also been featured by National Geographic and the Animal Planet. Below are just a few of Mr McCarthy's many nature and wildlife videos that have been featured in the news. If you would like to contact Mr. McCarthy regarding the use of his videos he can be reached at
Michael McCarthy
9846 Indian Key Trail
Seminole, FL 33776

Drone footage of a dolphin chasing a fish
35,000,000 Views Just on FOX's facebook page Dolphin Chases Meal
NBC "Dolphin Chases Down Food" Dolphin Caught On Video in Long Chase for Food
USA Today Hungry Dolphin Versus Speedy Fish
CBS Camera captures dolphin skillfully chasing and catching a fish

Dolphin swimming with See Through Canoe in Clear Dark Water
900,000 Views Just on FOX Dolphin Swims Around See Through Canoe
900,000 Views on Imgur Welcome Friend in the Water
NBC Dolphin leads the way through St.Pete
CBS Dolphin Plays Under See Through Canoe
Daily Motion Playful Dolphin Swims Alongside Clear Kayak

3 Manatees following the See Through Canoe, one rolls over twice
National Geographic Manatees Follow Kayak
Accuweather Rare Manatees Entrigued by See Through Kayak

Manatee Tries to Eat See Through Canoe
Daily Mail Manatees Try to Eat A See Through Canoe

Dolphin Mud Ring Feeding
National Geographic Solo Dolphin Filmed Hunting With Net Made of Mud
NBC Dolphin Creates Mud Ring To Catch Fish
FOX Hungry Dolphins Rare Mud Ring Trick Caught on Video

Baby Manatee Trying to Eat A Piece of Plastic
FOX Manatee Tries to Eat Large Piece of Plastic
NBC Baby Manatee Saved From Eating Garbage
ABC Baby Manatee Saved From Eating Garbage
Earth Touch News Baby manatee trying to eat plastic is a reminder that our trash is dangerous

Huge fever of cownose rays
900,000 Views just on FOX Massive Fever of Cownose Rays
Weather Channel Florida Kayaker Encounters Massive School of Cownose Rays
Imgur Canoeing Through A Huge Group of Cownose Rays
NBC Count the Cownose Rays Win A Canoe

Stuck on a gator
3,650,000 Views on Imgur When Your Clear Canoe Gets Stuck on an Alligator
Inside Edition Canoe Gets Stuck on the Back of Massive Alligator in Florida
FOX Gator pops up from under See Through Canoe
ABC Canoe gets stuck on alligators back in Seminole
CNN Canoe gets stuck on a large alligator
USA Today See Through Canoe Gets Stuck on a Gator's Back
Unilad See Through Canoe Gets Stuck On Alligators Back
NDTV Canoe Gets Stuck On Giant Alligator's Back In Florida. Watch Scary Video
CBS Video of alligator popping under a canoe takes social media by storm
Daily Motion Boaters Get Shock of Their Lives When Alligator Appears Under Canoe
NBC Canoe Gets Stuck on the Back of Massive Alligator in Florida

Manatee Pushing guy in clear canoe
FOX Incredible manatee encounter for man in see-through canoe
ABC Friendly manatee pushes canoe through water in Florida
Weather Channel Curious Manatee Pushes Man in Clear Canoe

Cerith Snail Invasion
The Weather Channel Snails Invade St. Petersburg Beach
The Daily Mail Bizarre moment MILLIONS of black snails invade popular beach in Florida
FOX Cerith Snail Invasion
BBC Snail and other bizarre animal invasions!
Orlando Weekly Millions of snails have completely taken over a Florida beach for some reason
NBC Billions of small snails invade Florida beach

Mother Dolphin and Her Newbord Calf
ABC Playful dolphin mom swims circles around newborn calf
FOX Dolphin and her newborn calf swimming and chasing fish
NBC Drone video shows dolphin, calf chase fish in St. Pete
FOX facebook Dolphin Mom and Baby

Dolphins Play Under a See Through Canoe
ABC Dolphins play under see-through canoe
Daily Motion Awesome Dolphins Keep Man Company in See Through Canoe
Good Morning America Dolphins swim underneath transparent canoe

Drone footage of Dolphins Blowing Rainbows
FOX Dolphin blows rainbow near Ft. Desoto
Little Things Camera Catches The Exact Moment Dolphin Spouts A Rainbow From His Blowhole
The Weather Channel Dolphins Exhales Rainbows
ABC Dolphins Exhales Rainbows

Playfull Dolphin Calf Splashes Man in See Through Canoe
USA Today Playful dolphin calf splashes man in see-through canoe
FOX Playful dolphin baby flips tail at canoeist

Manatees Stare At Canoist in Pajamas
Daily Telegraph Manatee Gets Up, Close and Personal With Canoe in St. Petersburg
FOX The awkward stare of manatees
Good Morning America Dolphins and manatees swim alongside man with See Through Canoe

Canoists Yield to Manatees
1,000,000 Views on Imgur Manatees Passing Between Clear Kayaks
FOX Canoeists yield right-of-way to manatees

Horseshoe Crab Swimming
NBC Horseshoe crab caught swimming on camera
3.4 million views on See Through Canoe's facebook page How A Horseshoe Crab Swims
2 million views on Imgur How A Horseshoe Crab Swims
Another 2 million views on Imgur It has 10 eyes, 10 claws, & blue blood worth $15,000 per quart

Dolphin Throws Me a Fish
FOX Canoeist captures dolphin tossing mullet toward boat
The Weather Channel Dolphins chucking a mullet into the air and barely missing people in a canoe

Dolphins Jumping High
Daily Mail Photographer in See Through Canoe meets dolphins up close

Manatee Determined to Catch Up to Me
Imgur 2,390,000 Views Manatee Determined to Catch Up To Me

One by One Manatees Pass by See Through Canoe
Daily Motion Manatees Passing One by One in front of a Clear Canoe

Aggregation of Over 300 Manatees by the Canoe in Florida
NBC Cool View of Over 300 Manatees by a Canoe in Florida

Manatee Pokes His Snoot at the Canoe
NBC Manatee Pokes His Snoot at a Canoe

Manatee Upside Down Under the Canoe Looking Up Through It
Weather Channel Manatee Gets Up Close to Florida Boater