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clear kayak / canoe hybrid

See Through Canoe Co

15 Years Experience
Making Clear Kayaks & Other Clear Boats!

See Through Canoe brand kayaks are only available through the See Through Canoe Company at SeeThroughCanoe.com, anything else is an imitation! Other clear kayaks may look similar, but the difference in quality of materials, workmanship & experience set us far apart from the imitators.

Our clear kayak hybrid has a flat bottom and is very stable; so it's great for beginners. It's also very easy to paddle straight with one or two people. It's made from high quality, rust resistant components and can be used in saltwater or fresh. The transparent hull has a layer of UV protection so it won't yellow in the sun. It's made from a very high quality polycarbonate. Light scratches can be buffed out with the included cleaning solution.

The most noticeable difference in the See Through Canoe clear kayak/canoe hybrid from other clear kayaks is our patented puncture proof flotation with a durable marine vinyl cover. Other clear kayaks don't even have flotation or they come with cheap looking inflatable plastic bags. The patented flotation on the See Through Canoe keeps it from sinking, can be used to right the canoe high and dry, if capsized, and it can be used to re-enter the canoe in deep water without the side of the canoe dipping below the water line and filling with water as you get back in. This feature may not seem that important, but it will seem very important if you ever need it and may even save your life. Each year about 100 people die in kayaking and canoeing accidents, often they fall in in deep water and can't get back in, and at least 80 percent didn't have a life jacket or other flotation. Whatever kind of canoe or kayak you buy, we strongly recommend figuring out how to get back in it in deep water before you ever have to.

See Through Canoe is the original clear kayak company and we've been around since 2007. The company began in Colorado. A look at when the business name was registered in Florida confirms See Through Canoe was registered in 07/16/2015. We've been in business for 15 years and we're in it for the long haul. We've seen a lot of wannabe competitors come and go in those 15 years. One of the options we offer people that purchase multiple kayaks or boards from us to use for their kayak rental company is to have their company's name placed on each kayak.

Specs: Length 11' 1" Width 32" Height 11" Weight 42 lbs. Weight Limit: 410 lbs. (the kayak will hold 450 lbs. of weight but unless the water is extremely calm 410 lbs. is a more realistic limit)

What's Included: Manufacturers Certificate of Origin, 2 Seats, Cleaning solution.

Price: $1,799 $1,499 (while supplies last) If you're interested in multiple units please email us for a wholesale price quote.

Shipping: $150 shipping in Florida. Delivery time 5-10 days.

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