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The See Through Canoe

There's only one See Through Canoe ™ brand transparent kayak/canoe hybrid. We are not a distributor. Our products are made here in St Petersburg, Florida, and shipped all over the world. Some websites advertise that they are selling "see through canoes", but they are not selling See Through Canoe ™ brand canoes. These websites are just trying to capitalize on the reputation of quality & innovation that the See Through Canoe company has established over our past 12 years of experience in transparent canoes & kayaks. Our imitators may sell similar looking clear kayak hybrids, but there are many important differences that make the See Through Canoe ™ brand canoe a better quality, longer lasting, more functional vessel, such as our patentented, puncture proof flotation that also serves as a flotation device that enables you to get back into the canoe if you are in deep water. The flotation also enables you to get all the water out of your canoe if swamped, & allows you to easily right the canoe if capsized. The See Through Canoe is the only canoe & the only transparent vessel of any type to have a built in device for righting the canoe if capsized & to get back in the canoe in deep water.

And if you need another reason to buy a See Through Canoe ™ brand canoe, it's the only transparent kayak or canoe with all sorts of awesome accessories such as our whisper quiet motor, folding shade top, super bright LED lights, & more!
The See Through Canoe company is based in Seminole, FL. We have a lot of experience packing & shipping our products all over the world. All orders are sent out from Seminole, FL and we can usually offer air transport (much faster), as well as ocean shipping (cheaper) to most countries.
You can find our See Through Canoes for rent at canoe and kayak tour and rental operations around the world. Many of them are listed here Canoe and Kayak tour and rental companies. If you are looking for somewhere to rent our canoes but don't see anywhere close to you listed, please e-mail us and ask. There are new rental operations using our canoes all the time and we don't always have them all listed.