The Clear Kayak
  See Through Canoe
                      The best canoe is clear

See Through Canoes don't just look great, they're tough and practical. These transparent boats are a cross between a kayak and a canoe and offer the best of both. They are easy to paddle like a kayak, but can hold 2 people and plenty of gear, like a canoe. The bottom is more flat than most canoes or kayaks which makes them very stable, stable enough to stand up in. Clear Kayak with a motor on itThey are even stable enough to be used as a stand up paddleboard (SUP). With the optional motor mount you can glide along effortlessly and silently with a small electric motor and not have to paddle at all. Experience the world around you and the water beneath you in a whole new way as you paddle (or motor) down the river, across the lake, or out in the ocean.

You might find these kayaks for sale somewhere else, but most likey it will be from a reseller such as Hammacher that will not actually have them in stock. These resellers get their kayaks from Clear Blue Hawaii & CBH has a terrible reputation for not shipping product for up to 9 months. To see more details, see the website Clear Blue Hawaii.

Manatee Under KayakWe have the See Through Canoes in stock and ready to send. We can get one to you almost anywhere in the U.S. within 2 weeks from the time you order it. You can buy with confidence here. If you would just like to view the clear canoes / transparent kayaks in person, we welcome you to come visit us. See Through Canoe is located between the Clearwater, Fl and St. Petersburg / Tampa, FL areas; in Seminole, Florida. Click on the "Contact" link for more details.

Seminole, FL