Canoe with motor on it
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  See Through Canoe
The 1st clear kayak / canoe with a motor option

The See Through Canoe doesn't just look cool, it's tough. Not a cheap piece of plastic or plexiglass or a cheap "knock off", this is THE See Through Canoe. The 1st clear kayak / canoe hybrid with an optional motor. Stable enough to stand up & paddle, it's more than just a clear canoe, it can also double as a clear paddleboard. Use it your way, sit, stand, paddle, or attach the optional silent motor in less than 5 minutes the sky seen through a clear canoeand glide along effortlessly & silently. Experience the water beneath you in a whole new way as you paddle (or motor) down the river, across the lake, or out in the ocean.

See Through Canoe began in 2007. That's 8 years of experience innovating, selling, & actually using clear canoes & kayaks. We are innovators, not imitators! In April 2015, we became the first and only company to offer a transparent canoe with the option of a silent electric motor. Taking it to the next level, we also offer the option of a "wireless" electric motor so you don't have to "lift a finger", just lift your thumb to push right, left, fast, or slow on the handheld remote control. You can leave your hands free for holding a camera, drink, fishing pole....

Manatee Under KayakWe have the See Through Canoes in stock and ready to send. We can get one to you almost anywhere in the U.S. within 2 weeks from the time you order it. Why buy a "glass bottom kayak" when you could have a completely clear canoe? If you would like to see this transparent kayak hybrid up close & in person, we welcome you to come visit us. You can also check out our Facebook page to see where we will be out canoeing next so you can see one in action, the difference is crystal clear. We're located in the Clearwater / St. Petersburg / Tampa, FL area; in Seminole, Florida. Click on the "Contact" link for more details.