50AH Deep Cycle Lithium Battery: This battery only weighs 17 pounds. It will power our 55lb. thrust wireless motor for at least 6 hours at normal speeds, or for at least 12 miles at full speed. It is the battery we recommend the most. Length 7.75" Width 6.49" Height 6.69"

80AH Deep cycle Lithium Battery: only weighs 25 pounds. Length 12.71" Width 6.73" Height 8.46"

Lithium batteries cost about 5 times as much as regular batteries. However, they have a lifespan of 10 times that of a regular battery so they last a lot longer. The most important feature of all, is that they weigh less than half of what a regular battery does. For example, a 50 AMP battery typically weighs 31 lbs, a 50 AMP lithium battery weighs only 17 lbs. Another big advantage to lithium batteries is that they are a "dry" battery, so there is no battery acid to spill. For a very thorough explanation and comparison of lithium batteries & standard led acid batteries check out this article from Alternate Energy Mag lithium batteries vs standard led acid batteries, a detailed analysis. We get our lithium batteries from the Lithium Battery Company. A Tampa, Florida based company that stands behind the quality of their product and provides service that is a cut above the rest.