Canoe with motor on it
         How to Care For Your See Through Canoe

To ensure your See Through Canoe remains clear for a long time, follow these tips.

• Cover when not in use, don't leave it out exposed in the sun and elements.

• Scratches that you get on the bottom of the canoe will "fill in" when you put it on the water so they won't affect visibility much. Scratches that you get on the inside of the vessel will affect the visibility so remove shoes while in the canoe.

• Keep a couple towels with you when in use. Put gear on a towel inside of the canoe to prevent scratching.

• This applies to any lexan, plexiglass, or other polycarbonate product....
It's best not to use anything to clean other than water and a sponge. If necessary, use a very mild solution of dish soap. Only use the soft side of a sponge. Do not use windex or other solvents. Do not get sun tan lotion or sun screen on your See Through Canoe.

• Dry your canoe after you rinse it off with clean water. This way water spots won't start building up. The water spots will eventually build up to the point where they start affecting the clarity if you don't dry the kayak with a soft cotton towel (unless you are rinsing it with clean reverse osmosis water).

• McGuire's Water Spot Remover will remove water spots if they build up.

• The rubbing compound we include will remove light scratches on the canoe.

• Do not wax your canoe or kayak unless it is already scratched up. Waxing can help an already old and worn clear canoe appear nicer aesthetically, however.

How to attach the back of the motor mount - Click Image to Enlarge