What Makes Us Better...

We've been in business since 2007. You don't have to take our word for it though. There's plenty of websites on google with news articles about See Through Canoe dated back to 2007, like this one 2007 News article.

Innovators not Imitators!
As the popularity of the See Through Canoe grows, more & more companies selling cheap imitations spring up. Although these imitations look very similar, there are some important differences that affect useability and especially lifespan. We build our products to last, and we don't sacrifice quality just to sell a cheaper product.

You can find a cheaper kayak, but it will probably look like this in a few years.

Of course, being in business longer doesn't necessarily make a company better, so here's what does make us better...

  • Since we've been around for over 9 years, we know our product & we know it well. We know what it can do & what it can't. We know how to maintain it, get the most out of it, & we pass that experience & knowledge on to you. Your See Through Canoe will look good and stay clear for many years. Other companies can't say this because they haven't been around long enough to even know what their product will look like in the future.
  • We won't tell you something just to sell you a See Through Canoe. We only want happy customers. Integrity is everything.
  • The See Through Canoe has options. We offer whisper quiet motors with handheld remote controls, Bimini shade tops, UV protected canvas storage covers & more.
  • We carry replacement parts for all of our products including the See Through Canoe. We even offer replacement lexan hulls if you want to replace your hull many years down the road.
  • We always have the See Through Canoe in stock. When you order one, you're going to get it, quickly. International orders may take some time, depending on the shipping option you choose.
  • Our products are all quality ones. We don't cut corners to save money and we test & use our products.
  • We're active in our community. People know us around here. We're not just a faceless company.
  • We can fill small & large orders quickly, if not immediately. Large orders are shipped in sturdy wooden crates.
  • Your See Through Canoe will arrive assembled, not in a "kit". You will not have to put it together. If you order more than 2 See Through Canoes, we offer the option of putting 5 in one crate in order to save on shipping costs. In this case, some assembly will be required.
  • We use puncture proof floatation; your See Through Canoe will float even if it is completely full of water.
  • Each See Through Canoe has a serial number engraved into the aluminum frame. If it gets stolen, you will be able to identify it and prove ownership.
  • We know you'll like our See Through Canoes. If you want to buy 5 or more See Through Canoes, but would like to try one first to check it out, just buy one at our normal price for one See Through Canoe, and we will prorate the cost of the additional canoes you purchase when you are ready to order more.