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Colorado Wildlife Pictures

Big Horn Sheep
Close up picture of a Big Horn
Close Up of a Big Horn Sheep
    Big Horn Sheep Colorado   
Old Big Horn Sheep
Old Big HOrn
Baby Big Horn Sheep
Big Horn Sheep on Mt. Evans

Buffalo Herd on Lookout Mountain    Buffalo in Colorado   
Buffalo close up
Close Up of a Buffalo in the Fog

Chipmonk eating    Close up of a Chipmonk

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goat sticking out his tongue
Mountain Goat Sticking out Tongue
Mountain Goat licking rocks for minerals
Mountain Goat Licking Minerals off the Ground
    Mountain Goats    Mountain Goat on Mt. Evans

Close Up of an Elk   
One Elk
Elk in a Meadow in Estes Park
Big Bull Elk
Close up of a Male Elk
Young Elk
Elk in Estes Park
2 Elk Fighting
2 Elk Fighting
Elk Bathing
Group of Elk playing in the water
    Elk in Evergreen

Red Fox Tail
Fox Showing Tail
Close of of a Red FoxClose up of a Fox    Fox in Idaho Springs

Ground Squirrels
Ground Squirrel after dust bathGround Squirrel Taking a Dust Bath   
Ground Squirrel before
Ground Squirrel at Clear Lake

Moose in Rocky Mountain National Park    Moose Licking Salt off a Car

Mule Deer near Evergreen, CO

Osprey Carrying a Fish to the Nest

Prarie Dog
Prarie Dog   

Yellow Bellied Marmots
Marmot on Mount Evans   
Yellow Bellied Marmot Close Up
Close Up of a Marmot
Marmot on rockMarmot

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park    Start of the Colorado River in the Rocky Mountain National Park    Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountain National Park

The Black Canyon
Arkansas River in the Black Canyon
Black Canyon Showing the Arkansas River running through it
Cool tree at the Black Canyon
Really cool tree on the south rim of the Black Canyon
    Another shot of the Black Canyon
Painted Wall in the Black Canyon
The Painted Wall in the Black Canyon
Another pic of the Painted Wall
Another picture of the Painted Wall

Sentinel Island on Lake Dillon
Sentinel Island on Lake Dillon   
Pond in Sentinel Island
Lake in an Island on a Lake

Highway 103 to Mount Evans
Aspens on Mt. Evans    View from the Top of Mount Evans    Mt. Evans View From the Top

Clear Creek in Idaho Springs

Green Mountain Reservoir