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Making Clear Kayaks & Other Clear Boats!

Our clear paddleboards are great for beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike. It's a great way to see everything and make sure you don't miss a moment. It comes with your choice of a deck pad, or board wax. This way, if you want to go old school and just wax your board and leave it clear you can do that. If you prefer the additional traction of a deck pad and don't want to wax your paddleboard then we'll put a pad on it for you.

Our SUP is made from a very high quality polycarbonate. Light scratches can be buffed out with the included cleaning solution.

Specs: Length 9' 8" Width 31" Height 5" Weight 41 lbs. Weight Limit: 275 lbs.

What's Included: Cleaning solution, your choice of board wax or a deck pad

Price: $1,799 $1,299 (while supplies last)

Shipping: $150 shipping in Florida. Delivery time 5-10 days.

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