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        Blue Mesa Reservior

Pictures and information about Blue Mesa Reservoir, Crystal Reservoir & Morrow Point Reservoir in Gunnison, Colorado


Blue Mesa Reservoir, Crystal Reservoir & Morrow Point Reservoirs are located in Gunnison, which is about 220 miles SW of Denver.
Map of Blue Mesa Reservoir


    The Blue Mesa Reservoir is located in the Curecanti National Recreation Area. It is part of a 3 reservoir system which includes Crystal Reservoir and Morrow Point Reservoir. These 3 reservoirs are all connected to each other and the sum of the 3 reservoirs is often simply referred to as the "Blue Mesa Reservoir". The Blue Mesa Reservoir is by far the largest body of water in Colorado.

The Blue Mesa is also one of the most scenic bodies of water in Colorado. The area is high desert terrain and has lots of great mountain and mesa backdrops with some unique rock formations. It is also only about a half hour from the Black Canyon, also a beautiful area well worth the drive. The Blue Mesa reservoir gets a moderate amount of boat traffic in the summer but it's a large body of water so it doesn't feel crowded. There are a couple of marina's at Blue Mesa and at least one place to rent a canoe, kayak, or other boat. There are at least 4 boat ramps on the reservoir.

Warnings, Tips, & Other Details

The Blue Mesa / Morrow Point Reservoir / Crystal Reservoir is a very big body of water and if the wind is expected to be 15 MPH or more you don't want to be caught out in the main section of the lake(s) in a canoe, kayak or most boats under 17 feet. As with most lakes in Colorado, the wind often picks up to 15-30 mph around 1-2pm almost every day, even if the forecast is only for 10 mph winds. There are lots of small arms off the main body of the lake to go into to find shelter from the wind if it picks up.


Calm water at the Blue Mesa

Crystal Reservior

Morrow Point Reservoir

Bridge over Blue Mesa Reservoir
Blue Mesa Reservoir Panoramic Picture