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        Destin Harbor, Destin Bridge & Crab Island

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Destin Harbor is in Destin, Florida in Okaloosa County.
Map of Destin Harbor


   Destin Harbor is often a little crowded near the mouth of the harbor. The entire harbor is a no wake zone though so it's a comfortable place to canoe or kayak without having to worry about getting run over. Most of the harbor is about 15 feet deep. There are a lot of restaurants at Destin Harborwalk & the Emerald Grand. There are plenty of places to rent a boat, or rent a jet ski, or go parasailing. The harbor is well known for its fishing boat fleet and is a good place to charter a fishing boat. Most of the charter boats have their contact information at the dock. There is a large condo at the Harborwalk for those looking for a room to rent.

    All of Destin Harbor is lined with businesses, condos, houses and marinas. It's a fun place to do the tourist thing or go out to eat, but if you're looking for somewhere to get away from people, this isn't the place. You can find out more about the harbor at the City of Destin website.


Crab Island

Crab Island is about 100 yards north of the middle of Destin Bridge. It's not really an "island" though. Even on low tide, it's not above water. Crab Island is really just a shallow water sand bar. It's a couple acres of shallow water with a sandy bottom. There is often a strong current here. It's a very popular spot with the locals, especially during the summertime. It's mostly a party spot and a pick up spot and it's gets pretty crazy. Lots of drunk people. On any given day there will be a couple hundred boats, canoes and kayakers on "Crab's Island".

There are a few different places in the immediate area to rent a canoe, kayak, pontoon boat or jet ski. Most people park on the east side of Destin bridge to launch their canoes, kayaks & paddleboards. If you're looking for a boat ramp to launch your boat, there are a couple ramps on the west side of Destin bridge.


The See Through Canoe "clear canoe" in Destin

Destin Bridge next to Destin Harborwalk

Crab Island

Picture showing the widest part of Destin Harbor

Near the end of the Harbor

Destin Harborwalk Village

Destin Pass