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        Green Mountain Reservoir

Green Mountain Reservoir Pictures and Information


Green Mountain Reservoir is located 69 miles WNW of Denver.
Map of Green Mountain Reservoir


   Green Mountain Reservoir is a large high altitude lake. There is some development around the lake but it is surrounded by scenic mountain views. Highway 9 which leads to the lake is also a very scenic drive. This reservoir gets a moderate amount of boat traffic. The blue river, famous for it's large trout, leads into and out of the reservoir. This section of the blue river can not be paddled. Access to Green Mountain Reservoir is very easy.

There is a boat ramp at the reservoir and also a marina. No rental places that I am aware of though.

Warnings, Tips, & Other Details

Green Mountain Reservoir is a large cold water lake. If the winds are forecasted to be over 15 MPH then you probably don't want to be out there in a canoe or kayak.


SW part of Green Mountain Reservoir