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        Gross Reservoir

Gross Reservoir Pictures and Information


Gross Reservoir is located 24 miles NW of Denver.
Map of Gross Reservoir


   Gross Reservoir is a moderately large lake just a little north of Coal Creek, Colorado. This reservoir has typical high country mountain views. Access to the lake is not challenging, but not easy. In the summer months, if the water level is low, access to the lake can be difficult. No motor boats are allowed on the reservoir and paddle boats are only allowed on the reservoir between Memorial Day and the end of September.

Three creeks lead into Gross Reservoir. None of these creeks can be paddled in this area.

Warnings, Tips, & Other Details

Gross Reservoir is a good sized lake and if the winds are forecasted to be over 15 MPH then you probably don't want to be out there in a canoe or kayak. Winds in the afternoon here are frequently gusty. I have pulled my canoe fully onto the shore, five feet away from the water, and gone for a short hike in the woods only to come back and find my canoe had blown into the water and drifted to the other side of the lake.