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        Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon Pictures and Information


Lake Dillon is located 58 miles W of Denver in the town of Dillon, Colorado.
Map of Lake Dillon


   Lake Dillon is a large, high altitude lake. It does have some development around it but it is still one of Colorado's most beautiful lakes. It is surrounded by expansive mountain views. The lake has over a dozen islands ranging from very small to medium sized. One of the islands even has a lake inside of it that is accessible by a fifteen foot wide channel. Even though Dillon reservoir gets a moderate amount of boat traffic, you can usually find an island to be alone on. Two creeks and the Blue River lead into Lake Dillon. None of these can be paddled in this area.

There are 2 marinas at Dillon Reservoir. There are 3 boat ramps. Finally, there is at least one place to rent kayaks.

Warnings, Tips, & Other Details

Lake Dillon is a large, cold lake and if the winds are forecasted to be over 15 MPH then you probably don't want to be out there in a canoe or kayak. The winds are almost always gusty in the afternoon here, it's best just to plan on being off the lake by noon unless the wind forecast is five MPH or less. The lake is patrolled by a sheriff boat frequently so don't be stupid and drink too much and make sure you have the required number of life jackets.


One of the small islands on Lake Dillon

Small pond inside of Sentinel Island on Dillon Reservoir