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15 Years Experience
Making Clear Kayaks & Other Clear Boats!

The Invisiboat is a totally transparent boat with a tri-hull design that makes it really stable. Like all of the boats we make, it's unsinkable if you stay under the weight limit, even if it gets totally swamped with water. Our clear boat is made of super tough polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof glass & police riot shields. This clear boat doesn't require any special maintenance and can be cleaned with a mild solution of dish soap and water. Light scratches can be buffed out with the included buffing solution. Scratches are almost impossible to see when the boat is on the water.

The Invisiboat clear boat is 12 1/2 feet long, 4 1/2 feet wide, and holds 3 people. It has 3 bench seats, navigation lights, and a motor mount. We also offer useful accessories such as a folding shade top in a variety of colors, silent electric motors, led lights, trailers and more. We can deliver the boat and/or the trailer to you anywhere or you can pick it up in person here in St Petersburg, Florida. In the U.S. Delivery cost is about $300 for every 100 miles from St Petersburg, Fl. E-mail us before purchasing and we'll give you an exact quote on delivery.

An electric motor should be used on the Invisiboat instead of gasoline because gasoline will dry out polycarbonate and weaken it. We offer a few different electric motor options from 1hp - 10hp for this clear boat as well as lithium batteries to power the motor. If you want to go fast, an 8 hp motor or higher will bring the boat up on a plane with 2 people and gear in the boat. If you just want to cruise slowly and enjoy the sights a 1 hp - 3 hp motor is sufficient.

Specs: Length 12' 6" Width 4' 6" Height 20" Weight 350 lbs. Person capacity: 3 people or 560 lbs. Motor: 10 HP max.

What's Included: Manufacturers Certificate of Origin, Cleaning solution.

Price: $8,499 (boat only)

Shipping / Delivery: $300 for every 100 miles from St Petersburg, Florida. Delivery time 14-20 days.

E-mail us for purchase and shipping details