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See Through Canoe is located in
Seminole, FL.
The majority of our manufacturing is done right here in Seminole & St Petersburg, Florida. We ship the See Through Canoe & it's awesome accessories all over the world.

Our local retail sales are handled by See Through Adventure Rentals. They have all of the accessories as well as See Through Canoes in stock for the same prices you see on our site.

Dealers, Rental Operations & Multi Orders
After 10 years of selling and using See Through Canoes, we have a lot of experience to share with you to insure that not only do your canoes last longer, but that your guests or renters have a good time and use them safely. We also offer great tips for getting the word out about your new rental operation and will do what we can to help make sure your venture is a successful one. We understand that the more successful you are, the more successful we are.

We understand the needs & demands of the wealthy and are used to dealing with "special requests". If you need 20 canoes with all the accessories put in crates & sent to the other side of the world on a plane because someone needs the order fast... we can do that.

We can put 5 canoes with all the options in one box. That's 5 See Through Canoes with 2 seats & 2 paddles for each one, 5 sets of puncture proof flotation, 5 skegs, 5 sets of pre-installed LED Lights, 5 Folding Shade Tops, 5 zippered storage covers, & 5 motor mounts. The motors & the batteries are sent on a pallet.