Canoe with motor on it
      Our Transparent Canoe / Kayak Hybrids Can Be Shipped to the U.S. or the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

There's no better place for a See Through Canoe than the British Virgin Islands, Nassau, or Freeport in the Bahamas. You don't need to go to Kmart to find a kayak for sale in the Virgin Islands. We regularly drop off See Through Canoes to shipping companies in the Miami, FL area, who will then bring the canoe to a sea port near you. Our price of $2,300 includes delivery, so all you need to do is contact one of the shipping companies, pay their shipping & customs fees, & you can get one of these clear canoes delivered to you in paradise. Typically, customs & shipping fees will run from $400 - $800 total.

We can get a See Through Canoe, as well as any accessories you may want, like a trolling motor & lithium battery to any of the shipping companies in the Miami area within 7 days of your order. The accessories can usually go in the box with the canoe and will not cost anything extra for shipping. This does not apply to lithium batteries, they will have to be shipped in their own small box, and can not be put in the "big box".

One of the companies that can get one of our transparent canoe/kayak hybrids to you in the British Virgin Islands is Tamarind Consolidated. They specialize in shipping to the BVI's.
If you're in the U.S. virgin Islands, VI Cargo specializes in your area and has a ship leaving the Miami area every week.

Here is the information you will need to give to the shipping company in order to get a price quote from them.
Container Size = 136 inches long x 36 inches wide x 20 inches high
The freight classification number for the See Through Canoe is 300
The total weight will be 70 lbs. If you order accessories, that will of course increase the weight of the package, but this will probably not increase your shipping cost because the shipping cost is primarily based on volume, not weight. We can put all accessories, except batteries, in the container with the canoe so your shipping cost will not increase.

When we drop off the package, we will take pictures of all 4 sides of the container at the shippers facility, we then email you copies of these pictures so if there is any problem or damage to your package, you will have evidence to show the shipper the container, in perfect condition, in their warehouse. We have not had a problem yet, "knock on wood".

Feel free to drop us an email with any questions.