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Places to Canoe/Kayak

     Places To Go Canoeing & Kayaking In Colorado

   I spent at least 10 years in the mountains just west of Denver, Colorado. I spent most of my time wandering around wilderness areas outside of Idaho Springs, Evergreen, Aspen Park / Conifer and Dillon, Colorado. I've always enjoyed seeing new places so I constantly try to find new lakes and particularly, new stretches of rivers to go with my canoe or a kayak. Most, if not all of the lakes I have posted pictures and information about below are well known spots. There are a few "river runs" that I have posted details about that are not well known at all. There is not much flat water river paddling to be done in the Rocky Mountains. Plenty of whitewater for kayaks, but not much flat water for canoes. Usually the rivers are moving at a good speed and most have plenty of whitewater. However, there are a few spots where the water slows down and the slow moving river crawls its way through some beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery. Those are usually my favorite places to take a canoe.

Colorado Wildlife Pics


Barr Lake

Bear Creek Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Boyd Lake

Chatfield Reservoir

Clear Lake

Eleven Mile Reservoir

Evergreen Lake

Georgetown Lake

Grand Lake

Green Mountain Reservoir

Gross Reservoir

Lake Dillon

Lake Granby

Pueblo Lake

Shadow Mountain Lake

Tarryall Reservoir

Combination Trips (Lake & River Paddling)

Platte River Into Chatfield Reservoir


Colorado River

Creek leading into Grand Lake - Adams Falls

above Dotsero

Colorado River between Dotsero and Bair Ranch

Bair Ranch to Hanging Lake rest area

Platte River

between Chatfield Reservoir and Union Avenue

Brighton to Fort Lupton

Fort Lupton to Platteville

Platteville to Dent